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National Roller Skating Month?

We cannot thank our supporters, sponsors, and partners enough for helping make HCRD's season 12 a success! Thanks to you we are active WFTDA members again and rolling ahead with fall Roller Derby Clinics.

Did you know October is National Roller Skating Month? You do now. and prospective skaters can check out our open house on October 1 to kick off the month before we start our new skater derby clinics.

 Details for the clinics are on the registration page.

And remember, you can check our schedule for community event details.

Thank you for supporting Local Roller Derby!



Interested or beginner skaters are welcome to view a practice to learn about HCRD and the recruitment process. Head on over to our CONTACT page for more information.

Featured Sponsor!

To learn more about how to become a sponsor, how to be featured, or support HCRD in other ways, click below!

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